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Our Wellness program is what sets us apart from all the other benefit consulting firms. We don't just hand out stop smoking pamphlets to your employees and call it a Wellness program. We become so entrenched in your company's overall health and well-being, and an extension of your team. 


From catering healthy company lunches to administering B-12 shots to your employees there is no other healthier option. On a monthly basis 1-3 employees can enjoy any of our health and wellness vendors without paying a dime. Here are some examples:

Personal Trainers




Spin Class

Surf Lessons

Sailing lessons


Cooking Classes


Tennis Lessons

Healthy food home delivery options

Sports injury 

Healthy restaurant meal vouchers


SUP Lessons

Anti Aging vendors

Dance Classes

We can also do quarterly wellness checkups for employees; blood pressure, vital sign readings, and flu shots. We can set up healthy weight losing contests with incentives within the company. In the near future, we will be launching TeleHealth. Employees will be able to Skype /Facetime, text or email a medical professional to get medical advise, in real time. By choosing WellU it will be very difficult for your employees to not have anymore excuses to living a healthy lifestyle.

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