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Our Story

At WellU we consult on all your company's employee benefits needs. We have been a benefits consulting firm since 2007. Our team worked on the Carrier side of the Group Health insurance industry for over 10 years. Today we bring this knowledge to the group side in order to help clients navigate the ever-changing Health insurance world. Count on us to advise and implement plans that are always best suited for your employees - and your mission.


We recently launched into Worksite Wellness. For years we witnessed programs from Wellness vendors fizzle out and fail at our clients. Given our trusted client relationships, and the clear link to employee benefits, we launched Worksite Wellness to do more to improve the health of our clients' employees. We call it the "Trojan Horse" effect, while we are already in your company consulting on your benefits, why not set a menu of options to improve your employees health.


Our Wellness Fund is the answer, and there is no cost to our clients. We set-up a monthly fund that employees can utilize on health and wellness experiences that we carefully select from our preferred wellness businesses partners. Example; yoga or clean eating cooking classes. We get discounted rates from these vendors due to our marketing to a specific large group, and we fund the entire process. It is a win, win, win for the company, their employees, and the vendor. Our clients can offer employees healthy experiences, and employees get to try new health and wellness activities - set-up, facilitated, and funded by us. Our wellness vendors gain access to potential new clients without having to market to them. Everyone wins. Our clients love this because healthier employees cost less, miss less work, are more productive and happier.  


Employee Benefits Consulting

At WellU Benefits we know that employee benefits need to be specific and specialized to the individual client. Our first mission is to analyze your current plans or if new to benefits, figure out your goals for your employees healthcare needs and what fiscally makes sense.​ We consult on group Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, and 401K.


Services Offered:

Benefit Consulting

Plan implementation

Voluntary Benefits

Open Enrollment meetings

Add and term employees

HR consulting

Employee Benefit Handbooks

Carrier negotiations

Renewal reviews

Renewal process

Claim reviews

Employee Communication

ACA Updates and Reporting


Our Team

At WellU our team is dedicated to the overall satisfaction of our clients and ultimately their employees.

Robert Hagerman: President / Founder

Peter Hagerman: Vice President Sales and Service

Isabell Drescher: Client Manager



3301 Pacific Ave. Suite 403 Virginia Beach, VA 23451


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